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Pre-driver awareness and readiness skills.


By Chuck Huss C.O.M.S.

Prospective BiOptic drivers should be able to (initially as a pedestrian):

A. Receive, retain, and follow route instructions

1. Mental mapping skills 

2. Conceptual development 

a. Block Distance 

b. Position 

c. Facing 

d. Time 

e. Sun clues 

f. Street marker 

g. Street continuity 

h. Basic math (add, subtract) 

i. Body turns 

j. Route shape 

k. Laterality 

l. Directionality 

m. Parallel v. Perpendicular 

n. Compass Directions 

o. Numbering systems 

p. Reverse v. alternate routes

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B. Travel a designated path or route

1. Eye lead 

2. Scanning ability 

3. Static and dynamic orientation 

4. Sampling your environment 

5. Object avoidance 

6. Textural and gradient change awareness 

7. Visual memory

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C. Detect, identify, and react in time to critical objects/conditions in one's travel environments

1. Functional acuity abilities 

a. Awareness acuity 

b. Identification acuity 

c. Preferred viewing distance 

2. Critical object/condition awareness a. Roadway characteristics b. Traffic control devices c. Other road users

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D. Detect, analyze, and cross intersections (controlled versus non-controlled)

1. Scanning ability 

a. Prior to crossing 

b. During crossing 

2. Conceptual development 

a. Shape 

b. Size 

c. Signage 

d. Pavement markings 

e. Positioning and facement of signs, traffic lights and traffic 

f. Parallel versus perpendicular 

3. Method of crossing 

4. Object, speed and depth perception 

5. Walking speed 

6. Collision trap awareness 

7. Color identification and discrimination 

8. Yielding procedures 

9. Object avoidance 

10. Sound detection, differentiation, and localization 

11. Confidence and safety 

12. Turn Right or Left on Red Laws


To see a video clip about pre-driver awareness, click here.  (7.21 Mb) MPEG format, for Windows Media Player.


Charles P. Huss, C.O.M.S. Coordinator, Low Vision Driver Services

West Virginia Rehabilitation Center P.O. Box 1004 Barron Drive Institute, WV 25112 TEL: 304-766-4803 FAX: 304-766-4816  Charles P. Huss is an Academy Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist with 25 years of teaching experience with visually impaired individuals [K-Geriatrics].




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