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Re: My story and quest to be able to Drive

From: Steve
Date: March 28, 2003
Time: 11:56:58


Mark, man!

Sorry to hear you're feeling down, but don't give up. You never fail until you quit!

It#s not [possioble for you to get a licence in the US unless you are legally living/working there. So that won't work for you. There are biOptic drivers in other countries, but licensing agencies are nto always open about the policies and laws in those countries. Most Canadian provionces for example seem to alow biOptic drivers only on a case by case basis.

For now I can't see a way ahead for you other than in your own country. Why not contact BiOptic Driving Network in the Uk and see if you can help them move things forward there? You could also go to their conference in July in London - if it's safe there.

Good luck Steve

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