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future drive with questions looking for answers

From: Jon
Email: www.wanttodrive2003@yahoo.com
URL: www.yahoo.com
Date: April 15, 2003
Time: 20:22:13


Hello, my name is Jon. I'm a highschool student in Arizona. I hope to be driving soon. It would be nice if Arizona would allow bi-optic driving. I'm looking for more information about bioptic driving. Could you please help me by answering the following questions. My E-mail address is wanttodrive2003@yahoo.com Thank You, Jon1. What is your vision corrected to? 2. What was it before correction? 3. What do you use to correct it? (bioptics, contacts, glasses?) 4. What restrictions do you have? 5. What state do you live in? 6. What kind of car do you drive? 7. What are some of your biggest vision problems with driving? (night driving, seeing on the right side of the car, etc?) 8. Have you had any accidents? what happened? 9. What kind of training do you have to go through? 10. How long did the training take? 11. How did you find a instructor? 12. Can you get your bioptic licence and go to another state that doesn’t allow bioptics and drive? 13. If you have your bioptic licence can you drive in another state when you are on vacation if that state doesn’t allow bioptic driving? 14. Would you get additional training for a new route that you would be using frequently?

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