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Re: Biotic Driving

From: Debbie
Email: Deborah_james@webv.net
Date: September 10, 2003
Time: 02:29:19


My daughter has Aniridia/Nystagmus and her vision is 20/200 in both eyes, I have done alot of research in the past few weeks and called a Dr Schuldiner in CA who referred me to a Dr Paul in Wilmington NC 910-232-8250, he will probably be able to refer you to somebody in your area, we went to him the week before last and he was able to fit my daughter with BiOptic lenses and painted contacts, we are waiting for them to come in now, and she WILL be able to drive, she tried them on and was amazed, it brought her vision to 20/80 in one eye and 20/70 in the other. It will be worth the trip if you cant find anyone in your area.

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