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Academics and low vision specialists elsewhere:




Dr Joanne M. Wood, Queensland U. of Tech. Victoria Park Road Red Hill, QLD,- 4059 AUSTRALIA Ph: [617]223-2854 Fax:07864-1607


Alan W. Johnston, OD, PhD, FAAO  Alan Johnston Vision Consulting, and Optometry practice: Highton Eyecare, 87 Barrabool Road, Highton, Vic 3216  Australia Tel Int + 613 5243 5600, Fax Int + 613 5244 0443






Brian Maycock, LVS, Maycock Optical Dispensory, [250] 758-4175, #5, 5769 Turner Rd, Nanaimo, BC Canada V9T 6L8


Howard A. Backman, L.Sc.O., O.D., F.A.A.O. Pierrefonds Medical Centre 12774 Ouest Boulevard Gouin Suite 124 Montreal,QC H8Z 1W5 Canada Ph: [514]684-8460 Ext.230 Fax:[514]697-7717 Email: liseback@hotmail.com 


Dennis Bader, OD,MSc,FAAO 1681 Bayview Avenue Suite B Toronto,ON M4G 3C1 Canada Ph: [416]487-5401 Fax:[416]487-5402 Email: baderfamily@hotmail.com 


Dr. George Papadakis, Scarborough Low Vision Ctr, [416]438-3786 3030 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, Ontario M1P 2T7 Canada


Dr. Ann Plotkin, Low Vision Clinic, [519] 888-4567
Sch of Opt, Univ of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario  N2L 3G1 Canada


Arnold Soames, Osbourne Spectacle Center, [204] 477-1636, 433 Stradbrook Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 0J7 Canada






George C. Woo, OD, PhD, FAAO Dean, Faculty of Health & Social Sciences The Hong Kong Polytechnic Univ Kowloon, Hong Kong ,---- China Ph:852276-6507 Fax:852 23-6301 Email: dhgwoo@smtpgwy.polyu.edu.hk 






Tarek Badawy, MD, El-Maghraby, 42 Dr E Zat Saluma St, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt






Reuven Gafni, manager, TSR Gaash, 972-9-952-9376, 972-9-952-9364 Kibbutz Gaash, Doar Gaash 60950






Hassan Awada, O.D., Espace Vision, 961 1 354364 espace_vision@hotmail.com Kahira St. Hamra, Beirut BP 292/25






Rolf Lund, Ed.D, M.Sc (optom) Asc.Professor at the University of Oslo, CEO and president PROVISTA AS Vikaveien 29 4817 His NORWAY T 037 05 86 86 F 037 05 86 87 www.provista.no


Dr. John Engebretsen, Multi Optikk AS, 472-322-9100 Daelenenggt 20, 0567  Oslo






Miguel Ribeiro, MD, migpr@mail.telepac.pt 351-253-270878 Rua de Godim,869,1ºdto, Porto 4300






Dr. Mahmoud Shehata, El-Maghraby Eye & Ear Ctr, 966-2-6655200, Jeddah-Madina Rd, PO Box 20377 Jeddah 21455


Selwa A.F. Al-Hazzaa, MD, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Ctr, 966-1-4426186, hazzaa@kfshrc.edu.sa
P.O. Box 3354, MBC 40, Riyadh 11211






ALLAN B KAYE DIP.OPTOM. [S.A.] DIP Contact Lenses [U.K.] MC. OPTOM [U.K.] F.A.A.O. DIP Low Vision [U.S.A.] MBA [BRUNEL]

PO BOX 78073, SANDTON 2146, SOUTH AFRICA  TEL : 27 11 883 1312  FAX : 27 11 783 4897


BENJAMIN LISS DIP OPTOM FOA [S.A.] CAS [U.S.A.] MC OPTOM [U.K.] PO BOX 23354, PORT ELIZABETH 6000, SOUTH AFRICA TEL : 27 41 586 3277  FAX: 27 41 586 3280 benjaminliss@mweb.co.za 






PO BOX 7579, KUILSRIVER 7579, SOUTH AFRICA TEL : 27 11 21 906 1473  FAX: 27 21 906 1476  hollanderopt@telkomsa.net 


RODNEY STEDALL DIP OPTOM FOA [SA] MC OPTOM [UK] CAS [USA] PO BOX 11158, QUEENSWOOD PRETORIA 0121, SOUTH AFRICA TEL : 27 12 343 0220   FAX: 27 12 343 5873 EXT 2269  rstedall@mweb.co.za 





Dr. Alain Shriqui, Optick Alain Shriqui, Eidg Dipl Augenoptiker SBAO, 01- 221-21-91
alain.shriqui@ggweb.ch Strehlgasse 33 Zurich CH 8001 Switzerland






Ana Maria Lamaison, Lamaison Optica, 598-2-409-2407 o_lamaison@cs.cs.com.uy 18 de Julio 1550 esq Tacuarembo, CP 11200 Montevideo



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Use Babel Fish to translate websites in other languages.

EU legislation - Document 391L0439
Council Directive 91/439/EEC of 29 July 1991 on driving licences 

EU driver licensing authorities:

CIECA is the international commission for driver testing authorities, active in the fields of road safety and driver testing. CIECA members include driver testing authorities from 31 countries worldwide.   CIECA: Sir W Churchillaan 297, PO Box 1058, NL – 2280 Rijswijk.  Email: cieca.project@cbr.nl 

AUSTRIA Federal Ministry for Public Economy & Transport Radetzkystrasse 2 A1030 Vienna Austria

BELGIUM Ministerie van buitenlandse zaken buitenlandse handel en ontwikkelingssamenwerking Karmelietenstraat 15 1000 BRUSSELS

DENMARK Rigspolitchefen Adefeling D Dataafdlingen Postboks 130 2650 Huidoivre Denmark

EIRE Vehicle Control Section Dept. of the Environment O' Connell Bridge House Dublin 2

FINLAND Ministry of Transport and Communications PB235 00131 Helinski Finland

FRANCE Ministere De L'interieur Ficher National Des Permis De Conduire Place Beauvau 75008 Paris Cedex 08 France

GREECE Ministry of Transport General Services Informatica Centre Syggrou 49 GR-117 80 Athens

ICELAND Ministry of Justice Arnarhvoli 150 Reykjavik Iceland

ITALY Ministero dei trasporti, Direzione generale Motorizzazione civile, IV Direzione centrale - Motorizzazione, Via G. Caraci 36, 00157 ROMA, Dott. Francesco FORESTA
Tel. +39-6-41586239  Fax +39-6-41586322 

Punti di contatto per "conducenti disabili"

Ing. Claudio Lo Monaco, Ministero dei Trasporti
Direzione Generale, Motorizzazione Civile e Trasporti in Concessione, IV Direzione Centrale Via G Caraci, 36, 00157 Roma
Tel. +39-6-41586443-3209
Fax: +39-6-41583253

LIECHTENSTEIN Motorfahrzeugkontrolle Gowerbeweg 4 9490 Vaduz Principality of Liechtenstein

NORWAY Ministry of Transport PO Box 8010 Dep 0030 Oslo Norway

PORTUGAL Ministerio da Administracao Interna Direccao Geral de Viacao Avenida de Republica 16 P-1050 Lisboa

SWEDEN Vehicle and Driving Licence register Swedish Road Safety Officer Tunnlandsgaten 35- 70188 Orebro Sweden


The 21st Century

We do not know of other official initiatives or groups elsewhere in the world devoted to promoting the use of BiOptics for driving.  There are new trials underway in Massachusetts, Quebec, and Taiwan, but these are at early stages.  While this is the case, we gladly share resources and information with those who seek our support.  However, there are of course many eminent academics and specialists around the world interested in this, and we facilitate contact where possible, e.g. in Canada, India, Italy, the Netherlands, South Africa, and Turkey. 

Remember though, driving is not possible for everybody.  If your vision is roughly anything poorer than 6/60 [20/200] it's unlikely you could drive legally even with BiOptics.  In the USA for example, normal criteria for driving with BiOptics: 

  • 20/40 [6/12] Visual Acuity with BiOptic 
  • 20/50 - 20/200 [6/15 - 6/60] inclusive in the better eye, with or without standard corrective lenses or contact lenses
  • Minimum 120 degree horizontal field of view in the better functioning eye as used for the visual acuity determination
  • Stable Eye Condition
  • Ability to Differentiate Color
  • Ability to Track Objects

Nevertheless, experience and evidence in the USA, and elsewhere, confirms that with adaptive driver education training and appropriate prescription distance optical low vision aids, it is possible for some individuals with low vision to legally and safely drive under certain circumstances. 

Candidates for driving in these countries are usually those who have a stable visual impairment [one that is unlikely to get worse over time], who have good peripheral vision, and who practice [after special training] good judgment with regard to their limitations.  - Dennis K Kelleher, Ed.D. CA Dept of Education.  To see a MS PowerPoint presentation given by Dr. Dennis Kelleher on factors concerning driving with BiOptic Telescope Systems, click here. [60 Kb]

If you are an individual with low vision, and have a question about BiOptics and driving, please do post it to our webboard.  Somebody will respond as soon as we have an answer.  Please use English, and give full detail about your situation, for example, your visual acuity is prerequisite.  If you don't know your visual acuity, please see a local optician who could tell you this.  We could then give you some information that may help you determine if driving is a possibility in your country, together with suggestions for starting a campaigning/lobbying group if necessary.

Finally, do you know of any group or individual in any country, interested in advocating the acceptance of BiOptics for driving?  Are you an academic or specialist interested in this?  If so please do email us.

DVI 1.7 Spiral galilean BiOptic

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Driving With Confidence - A practical guide to driving with low vision, by Dr Eli Peli [ & Doron Peli  [Dr Eli Peli is also a member of our informal academic group]
ISBN 981-02-4704-4 US$28

ISBN 981-02-4705-2 [pbk] US$18



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