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BiOptic Vendors


BiOptic Telescope System Manufacturers and distributors primarily work with optometrists (O.D.s), though some may be able to help locate a local O.D.  Some local O.Ds. are cited here.  In the US, click here.


Designs for Vision

760 Koehler Avenue Ronkonkoma, NY 11779  USA

Tel: 1-800-727-6407

Brochure of Galilean telescopes [PDF file]  Email: info@designsforvision.com


Ocutech Inc

109 Conner Street Suite, 2105 Chapel Hill, NC 27514  USA

Tel: 1-800-326-6460 or 919-967-6460

Fax: 919-967-8146

Attn: Harpreet Cheema, Operations Manager,

Email: info@ocutech.com


Edward's Optical Corporation (BITA Vision Enhancer),  2441 Windward Shore Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 USA

Tel: 1-800-452-5988 or 757-496-2550 

Fax: 757-481-3501 

Attn: Jean Edwards

Email: edwardsoptical@cox.net




Eye Associates
BiOptics specialist throughout IN, USA

Tel: 765-348-2020



ImproVision GmbH

Hans-Boeckler-Strasse 7 91301 Forchheim  Germany.

Tel: +49 9191 7210-24 

Fax: +49 9191 7210-73

Attn: Uwe Hanschmann, managing director




an Edwards Optical BiOptic


An example BiOptic telescope used for driving. The BITA  is manufactured in two different diameters, 3/8" and 1/2" in the powers 2.5X, 3.0X, 3.3X, 4.0X, 5.0X and 6.0X



If you would recommend other BiOptic vendors, please tell us. or post the details at our webboard.



Back to the topBiOpics may be used for many applications, such as recognizing faces, watching television, theatre, window shopping etc.


An example BiOptic made by ImproVision GmbH  - may be used for many applications    An example BiOptic made by ImproVision GmbH  - may be used for many applications    An example BiOptic made by ImproVision GmbH  - may be used for many applications



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