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Lighthouse International - Driving and Mobility

>> Information from Dr Kent Higgins, a member of our informal academic group: The Vision


Escapes from Low Vision, has some very useful information about driving & alternatives.


Survey of past and current BiOptic drivers

(by Dr. Eli Peli)




Welcome!  Yes, perhaps you CAN drive!


BiOptic Driving Network is run by volunteersLtd, and is a not for profit organization concerned with developing/advancing the use of BiOptics for driving.  The BiOptic telescope is a useful driving aid for people with conditions that reduce resolution or visual acuity while maintaining the peripheral vision substantially in tact.  Such conditions include albinism, nystagmus, cataracts, and corneal diseases, as well as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and other conditions that affect the central macular area. 

an example biOptic, made by Designs for Vision, Inc

example of a BiOptic


"Driving for anyone, but particularly those with a sensory or motor impairment, is a step best taken with considered deliberation.  It is an individual consideration, one the individual should make with the best input possible.  A priori, there is little reason some people with a visual impairment should not drive, as many have done before them.  Legislation/regulation that prohibits even the consideration to be able to drive without adequate consideration of the individual is, I believe, discriminatory". - Dr Gregory Goodrich, VA Palo Alto, California.  Also read this article by Paul B Freeman O.D. [160 Kbs PDF format]


BiOptic drivers: could you help with a survey Additionally, if you have any relevant pictures, please upload them, here.


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